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Address: 1926 Christian St. Philadelphia, PA 19146
t: 215-834-5155
f: 215-392-2909
Our Mission

The mission of Constructonomics is to use past experience, education, and positive attitude as tools to collaborate with owners, design professionals, contractors, and municipalities and deliver successful, ethical and sustainable construction projects.  



Constructonomics is a construction manager, quality control specialist, and construction claims consultant based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that works toward the integration of design, construction, and ownership to facilitate the delivery of successful construction projects.

Under the core values of collaboration, sustainability, creativity, integrity, and relationships, the team at Constructonomics builds on past experience in design and construction and extensive education in the fields of Civil Engineering and Construction Management to provide our clients with innovative and creative construction services.  We believe that successful projects are the result of quality teamwork and planning from the beginning between all parties involved instead of a mad rush to pick up the pieces of poorly planned projects.  Collaboration and proper planning among the architect, designers, owner, contractor, and even sub contractors are the keys to delivering quality construction projects and avoiding costly and time consuming conflicts among team members.

With LEED accredited professionals on staff, Constructonomics will also facilitate your green building needs and administer the process of LEED certification.  We believe in the sustainability of construction and development so as to build for today without compromising the quality of life tomorrow.  LEED certification also provides cost effective and healthy operation of your building. 

Constructonomics believes in fostering positive relationships among all team members from pre-construction through project close-out.  We are not only looking to be successful with our team on this project, but on many future projects to come.  We would like to bring our positive attitude and team oriented construction and management service on to your project today.

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